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25% of Diamond jewellery Sales in 2021 Were Made Online

25% of Diamond jewellery Sales in 2021 Were Made Online

Online sales, branded diamonds, and female self-purchases all scored big gains in 2021, according to De Beers’ latest Diamond Insight Report.

– Branded diamond jewellery represented two-thirds of all diamond jewellery purchases in the United States in 2021, more than double the percentage in 2015. It also comprised almost 80% of all sales by value.

Younger consumers embraced branded diamonds more than their elders: 76% of diamond jewellery purchases by Gen Z consumers were branded, compared with 64% for Gen X and only 38% for baby boomers.

“What’s really interesting is, for the younger generation, the number self-reporting that they’re buying a brand is over 60%. What we’ve learned is people really want [their diamond jewellery] to be branded. Whether we consider it a brand or not, we found it very important to allow people to express their preference for brands.”

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