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Hairy snail sunk in amber

In a piece of amber from 99 million years ago, a perfectly preserved snail with delicate hair covering the shell was discovered. Hairy snail - The specimen is approximately 99 million years old. What attracts the most attention is its tiny hairs covering the shell. Each of them has a length of 150 to 200 micrometers. The snail itself is 26.5 millimeters long, 21 millimeters wide and 9 millimeters high.... Skaityti daugiau

Lionel Messi’s Golden Foot

Currently rated world’s greatest footballer, Barcelona and Argentina player Lionel Messi, has had his left foot immortalised in a solid gold casting. Messi’s golden foot has been created by the world-renowned firm of jewelers, Ginza Tanaka of Japan, and has a price tag of $5.3m for the 24ct foot, weighing 25kg. ... Skaityti daugiau

The 10 Most Expensive Amber Pieces In The World, Ranked

10 - The Dominican Amber Dinosaur Earrings ($145, 000) 9 - The Columbian Amber Beetle Earrings ($200,000) 8 - The Russian Spider Brooch ($250,000) 7 - The Chinese Amber Frog Pendant ($265,000) 6 - The Golden Sunburst Pendant ($300,000) 5 - Prince Fielder's Amber Necklace ($765,000) 4 - The Sunrise Egg ($4 Million) 3 - The Blue Dragon ($6.5 Million) 2 - Sundance Kid's Amber Gun ($7 Million) 1 - The Queen's Amber Room ($150 Million)... Skaityti daugiau

Amber ‘disappears’ in the mountains of Santiago

The extraction of amber in the mine of La Búcara in the Cordillera Septentrional in the province of Santiago was the main livelihood of the inhabitants decades ago; however, with the passing of the years, this has been disappearing. According to one of Ludovina’s sons, a pound of amber has a market price of up to RD$2 million. And, unlike red and yellow amber, blue amber can be even more expensive. The fossilized remains of a rare flower and a parasitic wasp more than 30 million years old, discovered and studied by the American paleontologist George Poinar Jr, from the Department of Integrative Biology at Oregon State University, in the United States, come from this place. ... Skaityti daugiau

Aussie dad and TikToker discovers $12,000 gem on a walk and goes viral online

The epic find was buried in the dirt but gave off a slight glimmer under torchlight, and is valued at approximately $12,500. “When you’ve got a trained-eye for it, you can sort of spot the glimmer on the stones. I definitely didn’t expect it to be that big,” he said. He added he’d never found a sapphire this big before, noting that it was “not that common”.... Skaityti daugiau

Historical finding: The lady brook medieval diamond ring

The shank taking the form of two angular entwined bands, the square rising pyramidal bezel close set with a pyramidal diamond crystal, the interior bearing a lower case black letter inscription in Medieval French reading 'ieo vos * tien * foi * tenes * le moy' translating 'As I hold your faith, hold mine'.... Skaityti daugiau

New De Beers Leadership, New Patek Philippe

A new De Beers CEO, and a new spin on a classic Patek Philippe watch. ... Skaityti daugiau

The RealReal Predicts This Year’s Gift Giving Will Focus On “Elevated Classics”

Unbranded jewellery performs exceptionally well during the holidays. Last year, we saw demand for unbranded jewellery increase 20% over the holiday season. Whether customers are shopping for themselves or gifting to others, these one-of-a-kind pieces bring a personal touch that can only be found in the secondhand or unbranded markets. ... Skaityti daugiau

‘Amber’ - color of 2023

York Wallcoverings has named Amber as its Color of the Year for 2023. The hue embodies a sense of comfort and positive energy along with an ever-growing love for infusing our homes with inspiration from nature. “An organic gemstone made from tree resin, Amber is often associated with absorbing negative energy and releasing bright, soothing energy,” says Carol Miller, trend and color expert for York Wallcoverings. “When Amber catches the light, it emanates a sense of renewal, energy, and power.”... Skaityti daugiau

Jewelers Win Settlement Against Local PD For Seized Items

Out of more than $150,000 that was seized, some $100,000 was not returned, the complaint asserted. In some cases, the jewellery was sold at public auctions or given to third parties, without the businesses having any way to get it back. “This appears to be the tip of the iceberg—there’s no question this happened to other business owners in Suffolk County,” one of the business owners said. “I hope other secondhand dealers that are still operating are not afraid to come forward [and are not] afraid of retaliation.”... Skaityti daugiau

25% of Diamond jewellery Sales in 2021 Were Made Online

Online sales, branded diamonds, and female self-purchases all scored big gains in 2021, according to De Beers’ latest Diamond Insight Report. – Branded diamond jewellery represented two-thirds of all diamond jewellery purchases in the United States in 2021, more than double the percentage in 2015. It also comprised almost 80% of all sales by value.... Skaityti daugiau

Works by Lithuanian authorial jewellery artists were noticed in foreign markets

An online jewellery art event. What are the possible outcomes, what traffic can you expect, how can you track it? The Amber Trip team, who are organising the annual International Baltic Jewelry Show, faced these and many other questions when they decided to make the “Jewelry Art and Business Trends” event online due to Covid-19’s existing restrictions.... Skaityti daugiau

Užsienio rinkų pastebėti - Lietuvos autorinės juvelyrikos meno kūrėjų darbai

Internetinis juvelyrikos meno renginys. Kokie galimi rezultatai, kokio lankomumo galima tikėtis, kaip jį sekti? Su šiais ir dar begalę kitų klausimų susidūrė kasmet tarptautinę Baltijos juvelyrikos parodą organizuojanti komanda ,,Amber Trip”, kai nusprendė, dėl Covid-19 esamų suvaržymų „Juvelyrikos meno ir verslo tendencijos“ renginį įgyvendinti internetinėje erdvėje.... Skaityti daugiau

Get to know Lithuanian jewellery makers

On December 15 this year, the event “Jewellery Art and Business Trends” will start at the virtual Baltic Jewellery Art Gallery. For the second year in a row, the organisers of the international Baltic jewellery exhibition Amber Trip have invited representatives of the art of jewellery to the virtual space.... Skaityti daugiau

Susipažinkime su juvelyrikos meno kūrėjų darbais

Šių metų gruodžio 15 dieną virtualioje Baltijos juvelyrikos meno galerijoje prasideda renginys „Juvelyrikos meno ir verslo tendencijos“. Juvelyrikos meno atstovus į virtualią erdvę jau antrus metus iš eilės pakvietė tarptautinės Baltijos juvelyrikos parodos „Amber Trip" organizatorius. Renginio metu internetinėje svetainėje bus galima susipažinti su juvelyrikos meno kūrėjų darbais, kai kuriuos iš jų ir įsigyti. Renginys vyks iki gruodžio 29 dienos.... Skaityti daugiau

Virtualus katalogas „Konceptualiosios juvelyrikos pozicijos“

Skaitmeniniame kataloge pristatomi daugiau kaip 100 VDA Telšių fakulteto geriausių dėstytojų ir studentų darbų. Šis gretinimas nėra atsitiktinis: dėstytojai yra aktyviai kuriantys menininkai, provokuojantys ir jaunosios kartos kūrybą. Konceptualiosios juvelyrikos darbuose galima įžvelgti ryškėjančias tendencijas, požiūrius, filosofiją ir vertybes, įvairias stilistikas ir inovacijas. Kataloge pristatoma minėtų autorių kūryba, atskleidžianti tam tikrą požiūrį į šiuolaikinę juvelyriką. Studentų, kaip jaunosios kartos atstovų, darbai pristatomi atskiromis grupėmis, išryškinant jų pasaulėjautą ir talentingą raišką.... Skaityti daugiau

Digital catalogue "The platform of conceptual jewellery"

The digital catalog presents about 100 works of the best lecturers and students of the Telšiai Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts. This catalogue presents jewellery artwork by the artists who deliver the BA degree programme in Metal Art and Jewellery and the MA degree programme of Applied Art for the Telšiai Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Art: Beata Zdramytė, Laima Kėrienė, Mindaugas Šimkevičius, Neringa Poškutė-Jukumienė, Remigija Vaitkutė and Romualdas Inčirauskas. ... Skaityti daugiau


What if a smart-band didn’t look like a band? What if it assumed the roles of a smartwatch, but looked like a chic bracelet? Esiva makes the case that tech and fashion can coexist in a way where tech takes the back-seat and fashion shines through. If smart-jewelry were a term, the Esiva would fit perfectly into that category. ... Skaityti daugiau

Jewelry sales staging a holiday comeback as shoppers look to add sparkle to challenging year

Many Americans are spending their days working from home in leggings and casualwear during the coronavirus pandemic. They have few, if any, parties or gatherings where they dress up — never mind show off a shiny bracelet or a new necklace.... Skaityti daugiau


As part of the new ART OF AMBER series, we will present selected designs of jewelry and objects made with the use of Baltic amber, which are distinguished by innovation, artistry, design and jewelry craftsmanship.... Skaityti daugiau

The History of Jewellery

If you ever wondered about history of jewellery now we have it all here put in short sections of certain periods. It is a great starting point for your research and understanding of jewellery and its timeline. ... Skaityti daugiau

Indian jewellery brand axes TV ad showing an interfaith couple after it sparked fury in the country

The advert for jewellery retailer Tanishq shows a baby shower organised by a family of Muslims for their Hindu daughter-in-law Tanishq said the idea behind the 'Ekatvam' (unity and oneness) collection was to 'celebrate the coming together of people from different walks of life' The company withdrew the advert after a vicious backlash from Hindu hardliners ... Skaityti daugiau

Study: 428 times more bacteria on jewelry than on a toilet seat

A study from England reveals really disgusting figures: two-thirds of British people don't clean their jewelry. That may not sound too bad at first, but the scientists found 428 times more bacteria than on a toilet seat. We explain how to properly clean your jewelry.... Skaityti daugiau

Super rare, purple-pink diamond up for auction, could fetch $38 million

An extremely rare, vivid purple-pink diamond mined in Russia is expected to fetch up to $38 million when it goes under the hammer on Nov. 11, the auction house Sotheby’s said on Monday.... Skaityti daugiau

Investors will hoard gold even faster next year, keeping prices high: Refinitiv

Demand for gold from jewellers and central banks will remain sharply lower in 2021 than before coronavirus, but investors will keep prices high by stockpiling record amounts of bullion, Refinitiv Metals Research said.... Skaityti daugiau

Archaeologists again come across sensational finds in East Kazakhstan region

Scientists have removed 850 pieces of gold items from a mound in the Eleke Sazy valley.... Skaityti daugiau

Trends for fall 2020: The most fashionable jewellery of the season with a message

This season, jewelry will be ruled by emotions - personalized jewelry that expresses more than words - amulets, pendants, initials, and vintage secrets. We can also find great strength in precious stones and, just like in fashion - in second-hand jewellry and a bit of retro, we will find sentimental beauty.... Skaityti daugiau

Vilnius bastion - jewellry from plastic bags, coconut shell, snake or banana peel

An exhibition of contemporary metal art biennial has been opened at the Vilnius Bastion, for which works by artists from twenty countries have been dedicated. According to the organizers, modern jewelers can crush the gemstone into dust to implement their ideas; creates jewelry from plastic bags, plain wire, or coconut shells.... Skaityti daugiau

Smile through jewelry Canal4 ℃ releases earring converter for the second "#Smile Program" Delivering the pleasure of wearing pierced earrings even for non-hole groups

F.D.C. Products Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, President: Akihiro Takiguchi) is developing a jewelry brand "Canal 4 ℃" that makes everyone smile. We are implementing the "#Smile Program" to support efforts to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, with the hope that we can spend time in Tokyo.... Skaityti daugiau

Coronavirus-Ignited Gold Rush Helps South Africa’s Tarnished Mines to Shine

The glory days of South Africa’s gold industry are long gone, but record prices on the international market for the metal combined with a weak local currency have thrown a lifeline to the country’s remaining producers.... Skaityti daugiau

DMCC’s Dubai Diamond Exchange and Israel Diamond Exchange Sign Landmark Agreement to Boost Regional Trade

Through its Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE), DMCC – the world’s flagship Free Zone and Government of Dubai Authority on commodities trade and enterprise – signed a collaboration agreement with the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) today.... Skaityti daugiau

The bejewelled rotting fruit sculptures of Kathleen Ryan exhibited online at Karma gallery

New-York based artist Kathleen Ryan sculpts larger-than-life, rotting fruit sculptures, encrusted with glass beads and gemstones. created as allegories for sexuality, decadence, and the cycle of life, the bejeweled pieces appear to be covered in mold. her latest scaled-up fruit sculptures, which include two ‘bad lemons’ and a pair of ‘bad cherries, are available for viewing in a recent online exhibition by karma gallery.... Skaityti daugiau

The key creators of the pyramid "B2B Jewelry" were informed about the suspicion, but the pyramid itself continues to work

Continuation of work of salons "B2B Jewelry" SBU explains that so investors can have time to exchange certificates for jewelry... Skaityti daugiau

Selling gold safely What matters when it comes to jewelry and bars

The price of gold goes up and up - good news for owners of old jewelry, coins, and bars. You can now sell your old inventory. But not all buyers are serious, warns the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer advice center. What matters:... Skaityti daugiau

Investors to keep gold prices sky high through 2021 as jewellers see demand drop

Gold investors from North America and Europe hoarding the precious metal are set to maintain the recent high prices throughout the coming year. This is according to Refinitiv Metals Research’s recent quarterly report. Much as they have during lockdown, investors will continue to stockpile gold bullion.... Skaityti daugiau